Congrats — It’s a Cheeto!

Friday, December 23

Twelve weeks. Today we went in for a first trimester screening. They did an ultrasound and drew blood and then gave us initial odds that our baby will have Downs. We are currently 1 in 1250 (low risk for my age) but more test results will come in a week or so. From those, we can decide to do diagnostic testing that will tell us for sure if the wee one has a disease.

I feel pretty good. The doctor said everything looks normal. We even got a 3D pic – it kinda looks like a cheeto. The new nickname perhaps? From Lamb to Cheeto. Our kid is going to hate us.

Frowning already?
It's a cheeto!

Monday, December 26

Our Christmas tradition continues – we stalked Santa and his caroling truck around Toluca Lake. But first there were lots of food and drink at a friend’s place. Everything feels a little sweeter now, watching the kids run after Santa, seeing my godson shake Santa’s hand and seeing eyes light up. I keep thinking to myself, “I’m going to have that. I’m going to get to experience making dreams come true through a child’s eyes.” It’s petty humbling.

We also spent some time with friends, and of course, eating. I’m learning to eat slightly less than I want to. That “I’m too full” feeling is not fun and seems to hit me easier than ever nowadays. But I ate the shit out of the olives – olives lately are the pregnancy craving du jour. Can’t get enough.

We outed oursevelves on Facebook Friday night. It so fun to share that good news. We posted the two ultrasound pictures. The cheeto-looking one is pretty creepy, but people are being really nice. Haha.

DH didn’t seem overjoyed with his “I’m the Daddy” scrubs I got him for Christmas. Hey, if I have to wear a hospital gown (or be naked, God forbid) he can wear some scrubs that point out that he’s the father. I think he’s going to look adorable and the nurses will love it. Harumph.

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