Holy Mary Mother of God…

Wednesday, November 2

Holy balls!

Well, whattya know … Two pregancy tests. Both positive. Holy balls! I’m pregnant! After a heart attack, I called DH and said “Are you somewhere sort of private? I just took a pregnancy test. And … it says I’m pregnant.” He came home from work right away (with flowers and sparkling grape juice!) and we went to the store to get more pregnancy tests. (There is such a thing as false positive. I’m not taking any chances.) And that one had two lines too.

Both of us just keep shaking our heads and smiling. This is crazy! I dug out my “What to Expect” book and have started reading. So much to learn, and not enough time to learn it all!

By my estimates, I should be 3 or 4 weeks pregant. Which means a baby in July. (The TV show I work for will be in reruns, how handy.) I also did a freak out over the binge drinking I’ve done the past 3 weekends. But Google doesn’t seem to be worried. So I won’t be either.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Life is about to get interesting …

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