Big Needle on the Horizon… Also, the Gender!

Sunday, January 22

Sixteen weeks. Now he/she’s an avocado! MMM … I could go for one of those right now …

No hiding it now. I’m clearly pregnant. It’s not just a too-big meal that I may have eaten, it’s an official bump. Still, no one says anything. I see people look, then quickly look away, because there’s no way to ask that question. Makes me want to wear a sign that says, “Yes.”

Not just a big dinner.

Was disappointed our doctor’s appointment this week didn’t involve an ultrasound. Just another blood test, and we got to hear the heartbeat. In two weeks, we get to learn the sex. Yay! I feel like it’ll seem more real once I know what we’re having. Then we can really start to plan. Like names! I’ve got a small list for girls, but only a couple for boys. Ooops. I still feel like it’s going to be a girl, but others are saying boy. Not that it matters – caring about that will be for the second time around (IF there’s a second time around.)

Now we wait for our third round of genetic testing – fingers crossed the “low risk” and “negative” results continue.

Feeling a little better these days. Mornings are definitely easier. The tailbone pain has dissipated – I’m attributing the treadmill action to easing that. Still have massive boob pain, random headaches and constant stuffed-up nose. But feeling a little more human just the same.

I just learned of something called the gendermaker test. Had I known these existed, I’d have peed on them weeks ago! But I suppose I can wait two weeks.

Sunday, January 29

Seventeen weeks. He/she weighs as much as a turnip. I don’t even know what a turnip looks like. Can I get some produce I recognize?

The latest genetic resuls came back “slightly elevated.” One in 200 is low risk. We were one in 160 for this one. So, my doctor recommended an amnio. I was not happy. I really don’t want to do it, but DH wins this round. A giant needle will go into my belly, next to my baby! I’m not scared about pain or even the results, but I am scared that something could happen to the baby. Fucking modern technology. I’m getting so anti-doctors/hospitals lately, I’m going to end up birthing this kid in the middle of a field of daisies all by myself.

I spoke with some friends who told me it’s not as scary as it sounds, and that I just shouldn’t watch. I’m sure it’ll be fine. I don’t really know the doctor who is doing the amnio – all I could find on the Internet is that she’s young. We’re meeting with a genetic counselor beforehand again, so I plan to grill her about this doctor and her experience.

Kinda bummed our excitement over learning the baby’s gender is has been sullied. I guess I’m just a wimp.

We found a house to rent. So, we’re starting to pack and hope to be moved in two weeks. I’m very excited about living in a house, on a quiet suburban street, with a huge backyard. The current tenants have been there a long time and said it’s a good place to raise kids. And the owners raised their kids there.

They said on Halloween, the street is covered in kids in costumes, knocking on doors. I’ve always wanted to live on a street like that. Growing up, we were out in the country, on a highway, so my brother and I had to be driven to the burbs to trick-or-treat. I’m very much looking forward to that day next year.

Still going to bed at grandma times and waking up with headaches. Still dealing with stuffed up sinuses (and allergies now that we’re disturbing all the dust in the packing.) My boobs still feel … well, you know. I need to stop writing about my boobs! My apologies about all the boob talk. It’s just… my girls. My girls are changing every day. It’s nuts!

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