The Little Fart

Sunday, February 26

Twenty-one weeks. I feel the Little Lamb moving all the time now, especially when I’m lying down. DH got to finally feel it yesterday, after several earlier attempts of putting his hand on my belly and waiting before finally laughing and giving up. She finally performed this time. His face lit up when he felt it. It was such a good feeling. Makes it all the more real. Because, to be serious, it mostly just feels like a gas bubble moving around. As my brother-in-law said, “Does that mean she’s going to be a little fart?” But when you put your hand on it and feel it, there’s definitely something in there.

Feeling pretty good overall. It’s getting harder to bend over. I think I may have painted my last toenails. Paid-for pedicures, here I come. Still having difficulty getting comfortable for sleep. I’m trying to train myself to sleep on my left side, but I always end up back on my back. I ordered a body pillow that also doubles as a breastfeeding pillow, so hopefully that’ll help. If there’s room for another pillow in bed. If not, hubby’s going to have to go until we get that queen-sized bed.

So much to do, so little time. We’re still unpacking, organizing and making our house a home. I’ve been without cable and Internet for 15 days now. It comes tomorrow, thank God. I didn’t realize how much I was addicted to TV until I didn’t have it. OK, that’s a lie. I’ve always known I had a problem. I grew up in a house where the TV was always on. It’s constant background noise, and still to this day, that’s the way I like it too. I don’t like a silent house. (I’ll live to regret that statement some day, I’m guessing.) There’s so much good TV on these days, I find it hard to sit down and focus on a movie. DH always wants to watch movies, but it seems like such a commitment. Give me a 30-minute sitcom any day.

Time to focus on finding a birth center, saving money to pay for that if insurance doesn’t, saving money to live on for three months while I’m on maternity leave, and about a million other things that have to get finalized before our baby arrives. Baby shower list. Registry. Baby’s nursery. Daycare.

Today I walked past some adorable Easter dresses for little girls at Target. My heart melted. So precious. I can’t wait to see our little girl look like marshmallow fluff!

175. Gained 17 pounds so far, according to the hospital scale (which is about 3-5 lbs heavier than me naked) and my guestimate of what I was weighing before I got pregnant. That’s more than you’re supposed to gain in by the point, but I’m not going to worry about it. As someone who’s dieted for the past 10 years and had developed some not-so-healthy habits when it comes to food, I’m just going to eat when I’m hungry and do the best I can. Apparently it’s standard to gain a pound a week now. Which adds up to another 20 pounds minimum. Holy shit. I guess I’ll worry about it later…

Doctor visit this week to see how she finished developing, since our last one was before she was done cooking. And a month from now I have to have the gestational diabetes test, which means drinking some probably foul drink exactly one hour before they draw my blood. It sometimes takes us an hour or more to get to that doctor’s office. Will be interesting trying to time that out. Sure hope my sugar addiction and weight gain hasn’t contributed to gestational diabetes. Moms who have that often have large babies who can’t birth normally and then may go on to get it later in life, as can the mother. Do not want that. Must suppress desires for pie and candy. Mmm… pie and candy…

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