Location, Location, Location

Almost 27 weeks. Got the news finally — No gestational diabetes! Yay! Someone point me in the direction of the cookies!

This weekend, we met with a scientist/midwife, Tonya, and spent an hour and a half at her house picking her brain about the whole birthing business. Unfortunately, her birth center is closed while they build a new one, so they’re just taking on home births right now. The new place may not be done in time for when we need it around July 1. So, looks like home birth will be our only option with them.

I don’t know why, but the idea of giving birth in my house feels … disconcerting. And it’s not a safety issue, like everyone thinks. The truth is, from what I’ve learned, home births have less risks, less complications and more satisfied moms. Plus, if I need medical intervention, it’s just a short drive to the hospital. But despite that, it feels … icky. Maybe because we just moved into this house, and it doesn’t feel like home yet. Maybe because I have these sterile images of the hospital setting in my head that are conflicting with my always dusty, mostly organized but not clean house. And the idea of the mess, I’ll be honest. There’s blood, and goo and poo involved. Just where would it happen? They bring equipment and a birthing pool with them, and I’m all for laboring in warm water, but I don’t want a water birth. So… our bed? We did just buy a new one, so we could use the old bed, but do we just wrap the whole thing in plastic or what? And I definitely want to get one of those big balls to sit on while having contractions. They’re supposed to feel good, though I can’t fathom why.

I figure there are lots of options with a home birth. I can walk laps around the backyard, take a hot shower, a soak in the bathtub, the pool, nap in the bed … With a hospital, I’d be lucky to be able to walk around. I get the impression that most moms are practically chained to the bed, unable to change positions even, because you’re attached to IVs and heart rate monitors.

Tonya the midwife came with an impecable history. Plus, she’s a scientist, so she really knows her stuff. With no nearby birth centers, our choices really are hospital vs. home. And I’m really not interested in a hospital birth. So, we’ve got a big decision to make.

Did you birth your child at home? Tell me about it in the comments!

It wouldn’t be a post by me if I didn’t bitch about something. Annoying Pregnancy Symptom of the Day: (Nope, not hairy butt holes.) Snoring! I keep waking myself up! I’m using the really sexy nasal strips, but they apparently didn’t work last night. So tired … Guess I should get used to that.


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