Baby Watch 2012

38 Weeks, 3 days. 9.5 months. 11 days until due date.

The crunchy pain has stopped – yay! And the tailbone pain has returned – boo! I’m hoping that means baby girl has moved south a bit, away from my ribcage and organs. In other news, the Braxton Hicks contractions have started. They don’t hurt, thankfully. I just feel my belly harden and seize up. It’s just bizarre. And it does wake me up at night. Usually, moving around makes it go back to normal.

I asked my best friend, who had two unmedicated births, “You know me. Do you think I can handle birth without drugs?” She paused a long time before answering, which I guess is my answer! She knows that I’m a complainer/whiner, so I do seem like someone who can’t take pain. She asked me what the worst pain was that I’ve ever felt. I didn’t really have an answer. I’ve never broken anything. I’ve had back issues throughout my life, but nothing debilitating. I used to faint from menstrual cramps when I was a teenager – Oh man, what if I’m a fainter?? I can’t even think about it. But she did acknowledge all the research and planning I’ve done in preparation. Hopefully the tools I’ve picked up about pain management will get me through it just fine. Some days I actually can believe it.

I spent a bunch of time reading all the home birth and unmedicated birth stories on It was really good for me. Many of the stories ended up with the women in the hospital. It sort of made me have to accept the fact that it could very well happen, and I need to let that fear go. Because, as evidenced by some of the stories (including this hilarious/horrific one) even the best laid plans don’t work when mother nature has other ideas. So, the world won’t end if I end up in a hospital, or under medication, or in surgery. All that matters is my baby arrives safely.

DH told his family about our home birth plans. His father was concerned but we know he’ll do his own research and feel better about it in the end. His mother didn’t take it so well, I guess. He did his best to assure her that we did our research, that I’m a low-risk pregnancy, that I’ve passed all the prenatal care with flying colors, and we have medical professionals helping us and on backup in case anything happens. The backup doctor fully supports our midwives and feels confident that we’re in good hands. I understand her fear. I felt the same way when my friend had a natural birth at a birth center seven years ago. Hopefully, she’ll come around. We like to do things our way, but are being smart about it. And our very experienced midwives know when to call it quits and say it’s time to seek medical help in a hospital. We’re in good hands.

Yesterday we found our pediatrician. Yay! He’s local and works in a family practice where both his parents are pediatricians too. He has a sense of humor and explained how things typically work, and I was very impressed. He also supports midwives and home births and is fine with coming to the house after the birth to take a look at the baby, rather than waiting for us to come in. Awesome…

I went to a friend’s wine tasting birthday picnic gathering this weekend. I figured it was one of the last days I could wear my “You can touch my belly if I can punch your face” t-shirt. People loved it. I sat my ass in the shade, ate all the food and watched everyone drink the delicious wine. (Oh, wine, how I miss you…) It was a lovely day. People took photos with my camera, and holy balls, I am big. I don’t feel that big when I look down at my belly. I’ve only gained 36 pounds – even the midwife said that wasn’t bad. But in photos – wowza!

38 Weeks
Has she dropped? I do have a distinct waddle now…

That’s it on the preggo front. Baby watch 2012 has begun…


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