Hello 2013!

Holy crap. Time is sure flying! I have mentally written about 674 blog posts since you last heard from me. But the kid, my beautiful, delightful baby, takes up all my time and before I know it, over 2 months have passed! I’m not sure how it happened!

So, a quick catchup (and I write this on the fly. No drafting in Word beforehand, reading over and over and revising, then trying to make it funnier — nope. “Aint nobody got time for dat!”):

C is 7 1/2 months old! She sits up on her own now. She rolls all over the place and scoots on her belly. She’s not crawling yet, but I can tell she wants to. She has two teeth poking through! She sleeps mostly through the night now, and I’ve stopped waking her up for feedings. She’s finally learned to swallow pureed foods, instead of just pushing them out of her mouth. She is super curious about everything we put in our mouths. She laughs easily, especially when her father kisses her and she feels his beard. She can pick up tiny objects with her fingers (she’s right handed) and loves to take our hands and pull herself to standing. She’ll be walking no time!

She had her first illness just before Christmas – RSV. We had to treat her with a nebulizer. She flew with us to GA and did great on the plane (thankfully, she was not THAT baby) and, even sick, she charmed everyone she met there. She met her 90-year-old great-granny. She had her first visit with Santa, her first portraits taken, and probably a whole slew of other firsts that in my sleep-deprived, just-exercised-and-am-exhausted brain, am forgetting. Did that sentence even make sense? I don’t even care!

The new year started off great since me and DH finally did it! Just before 2013 we got it on, and I’m happy to report that it didn’t hurt and everything came back to me! Hurray! And a huge thank you to my patient, wonderful husband who dealt with about 9 months of no action like a champ. You’re the best, honey!

My new goal is to get off my ass. I just started really instense DVD workouts this week by Zuzka Light. I can only do them just before bed, which is about the least motivated hour of my day, but I gotta do it anyway. It occurred to me that it’ll soon be summer, and I don’t want to wear long sleeves and pants and scarves that sort of disguise my big belly then. My body is a bitch, totally protesting it all. Even my vagina screams “fuck you!” when I’m doing certain exercises. Not sure that’ll ever get better. I’m carrying 26.5 pounds that didn’t exist before baby, and they are going to be history.

Let’s see, what else? I thought I was going to skip the whole pees-when-she-sneezes thing that a lot of moms report. And it’s sort of true. No problem when I sneeze. But then one day, I got some food caught in my throat and had to do some heavy coughing — and with each cough, a squirt. Lovely, right? Totally wet my pants in my kitchen. Thankfully, no one noticed. Sigh…

I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned as a mom is to roll with the punches and try to stay flexible. Just when I think I’ve got it figured out, it all changes. And I can’t let myself get fixated on the things that don’t work out — I just do the best I can and try to listen to my instincts. For example, here I thought I was going to be an attachment parent — beastfeeding, baby-wearing and co-sleeping — and not one of those has worked out. Who knew? But my baby is happy and we’re doing the best we can and finding what works for us as a family. And that’s all we can do. That’s all any parent can do, right?

This is the most boring post ever, but I just had to bite the bullet and get something out there. I hope to write more, but who knows? I may blink and C will be 19.


Dear C,

You are too precious for words. Just keep doing what you’re doing, and we will try to keep up.

Love, Mom

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