I See the Finish Line

37 weeks and 3 days. Almost full term! Baby boy is still super active. I don’t know how he has the room, as I am huge, but he loves to move.

We have a name finally! Sadly, it is not Ace. But who says that can’t be his nickname? 😉 It’s such a load off to know who we will be greeting in less than two weeks.

Doc says because of my age, she’d like to induce at 39 weeks. Apparently there’s an increased risk of stillbirths for women my age who go to 40 weeks. I was bummed at first, because I’ve heard so many horror stories of inductions, but I’m trying to let it go. I’m so over being pregnant, and cutting another week off this uncomfortable sleepless phase doesn’t sound too horrible.

Nights are the worse. Restless legs, heartburn, baby on the move, and only one position to sleep in = I’m awake at all hours. I move from the bed to the couch and back, plus at least 3-4 pee breaks. I stay up late just to avoid the frustration of lying there, unable to get comfortable, tired but unable to relax. It’s maddening. The good news is I can nap like a champ. So most days, I’m back in bed from 10-noon. And sometimes, a second nap at 3pm. I still feel like I’m moving through water though. Brain fog and moving like a sloth. Aches and pains keep me couch bound, so I’m not getting stuff done like I wanted to, but oh well… I’m listening to my body, and my body says, “Sit the fuck down, mom.”

I’ve only gained 15 pounds, which feels great. I haven’t had the swollen hands and feet like I did with baby C. I don’t know how this happened, as I eat plenty. ­And way too much candy and ice cream. Sorry, little buddy. But that doesn’t mean my feet don’t feel every ounce of the 194.5 pounds. I mean, ouch. Hoping to stay under that 200 mark. With only a week and a half left, pretty sure I can do it.

It’s officially Baby Watch 2016! Wish us luck!

Give me all your soft filters!

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