Just One More Bitchy Post Please…

You know what’s awesome when you’re nearly 10 months pregnant? Having a cough. Yeah, good times. I cough and my whole belly seizes up. Woowee! This is so much fun! Also, the cold, or whatever germ is having a carnival in my body, makes breathing through my nose impossible, so sleep is as well. Aaarrrgh!

We are two days away from induction. I thought the induction was going to happen on Wednesday, at my appointment. It was all a misunderstanding on my part. When my doc told me, “Next week, we’ll check your cervix, and if it’s opening, we’ll schedule the induction,” what I heard was, “If your cevix is opening, we’ll get you induced right away.” So when she said we could schedule it for Sunday night, I went, “What?! Not today??!” She reminded me that she doesn’t induce before 39 weeks, and I’m only at 38 weeks, 4 days. And she checked my cervix: I’m 3cm dilated. She said I’m at an ideal place for induction — on Sunday night. She’s out of town this weekend but will be in the hospital on Monday, so she’ll be able to deliver him. She saw the look on my face and explained how it goes typically: We’ll come in at midnight, I’ll get 8 hours of Pitocin, which will move things along, (assuming I’ll get an epidural at some point), then she’ll break my water, then about two hours after that, we should be able to start pushing.

So a May 2nd baby!

I really thought the baby would make his way out before then. I’m having some days where contractions are nearly constant. Like the drive home from that appointment – every curve, corner or bump on Laurel Canyon was followed by a contraction. They’re not the painful ones I remember from #1 though, just enough to make me gasp a little, so I’m assuming they’re just Braxton Hicks. But then I think, this whole pregnancy has been so different, what if this time isn’t as painful? What if these ARE the real thing, and I accidentally have a home/car birth?

My ability to spiral down a rabbit hole these days is on point.

The saving grace is the contractions are really only an every other day thing. Monday was intense, Tuesday was fine, Wednesday was intense, yesterday was fine. Today is fine too so far, other than when I get into a coughing spasm. Is it possible to cough a baby out?

I entertained the idea of going out for the popular labor-inducing salad at a local restaurant, but that would mean putting on a bra and makeup and getting into a car and driving… things I’m just not into right now. I am such a hermit. Not just because going somewhere means walking, and walking sends shooting pains to my pubic bone and tail bone. But it just feels wrong to be away from the house. Must be part of the nesting phase. Or the I’m-terrified-I’ll-go-into-labor-at-the- drug store/in my car/restaurant-phase.

So here I’ll be, in my house, resting as much as I can (ha!), waiting for Sunday night, or for the baby to make an obvious start to exiting my body. I’m going to work on my positive attitude for laboring in a hospital, and daydream about the perfect bundle of boy that I’ll have in my arms in just three days.

Let’s do this!


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