A Mom of Two

I’m still getting used to the fact that I had two kids. Kids! There’s on S on that! I have more than one! So weird.

New babies are hard, y’all. I’m just now, at 6 months in, emerging from the constant fog that enveloped me during the newborn stage. Not my favorite phase, that one.

Little C2 is a bit of a challenging baby. He’s got acid reflux. Or, as I call it, The Pukes! Supposedly a valve is underdeveloped or something, so a lot of times, the formula that goes down comes back up. In the early days, there was much screaming because of the acid. We got that under control with Zantac, thankfully. But that doesn’t stop the mess. Pick up the baby – he spits up. Burp the baby – he spits up. Lay the baby down – he sits up. The poor kid is constantly covered in his own yuck. He’s a mess. And our house smells like baby vomit. And that outfit I just put on? Yeah, it’s gonna get dirty. We do a ton of laundry. And we are single-handedly keeping the old-fashioned cloth diapers in business as they make great burp cloths. We have them stashed within arm’s reach all over the house. You don’t hold little C2 without one. And bibs – we switch them out for a clean one about three times an hour.

He’s also a rashy baby. He has eczema on his cracks – behind his ears, inside the elbow, back of knees, etc. Turns out sensitive skin goes along with eczema, so a common heat rash makes mom go, “OMG, WTF is happening to you?! Call the doctor!” He keeps me on my toes, that’s for sure. Speaking of toes, he has ingrown ones, thanks to his father.

I know C1 was sleeping through the night around 3 months old because I blogged about it. We are still waiting with C2. He’s also still in our bedroom, so that could account for some of my inability to sleep. We blast pink noise from my phone to help calm him at night and knock him out. It sort of works. But it’s not the most restful atmosphere for me. When he’s asleep, I turn it down, and sometimes I turn on brown noise, which is less grating, but it’s still there, that constant noise, noise, noise. When I shut it off in the morning, it’s a delicious relief.

We’ve got to get the baby moved out of our bedroom. I think everyone will start to sleep better then. (And our bedroom won’t smell like poopy diapers anymore – yay!) We do get occasional nights when he will sleep a good 4-6 hour stretch before waking up. But even then, I wake up and check on him. Because he’s so quiet. Which is suspicious of course. (Insert eye roll here.) Other nights, he wakes up a lot. We had him bottle trained at night, meaning we didn’t feed him for eight hours at least. But then he got sick, and before we knew it, we were back to middle of the night feeds just because it’s easier. He doesn’t take a pacifier and won’t suck his thumb — which is BEYOND frustrating —  so feeding him is the only way to stop the crying. Most nights we’re up 4-6 times trying to get him back to sleep. It’s these nights that I say to myself: “It’s going to be OK. You’ve been sleep deprived worse than this and you lived. It won’t always be like this. You’re a good mom. You’re there for your baby. He needs you. He’ll sleep again soon.” It helps to repeat positive messages in my head. It’s pretty amazing how a mom can rally for her kids. We really are superheroes.

He’s only six months old but has already had at least 5 illnesses (thank you, big sister.) He currently has had a running nose and cough for two weeks. It really makes it hard for him to sleep well. Stuffy noses are not OK. He hasn’t had his 6-month shots yet because at his checkup, he had a fever. That lasted for five days. Now this current crud. I keep having to push back the shots. His immune system better step up because the germs are not going away with an older sister in preschool. Poor little nugget.

But despite our current struggles, it’s WAY easier than it was. The newborn stage nearly did me in. The sleep deprivation, the frustration … it was rough. I don’t know if he’s a more difficult baby or if it’s just because I’m older and more tired now, but sheesh, had I known it would be like this, I would not have jumped on the two kid bandwagon. There were nights where I could do nothing but cry with my child, until DH could tap in. Now we’re through the worst of it, fingers crossed. We can actually enjoy him now and each day we’re more excited to spend time with him.

Our little nugget is sitting up on his own now – until he topples over. I’m so excited for this stage. He doesn’t love being laid down to play, and you can only keep him entertained for so long while holding him. The jumperoo thing works for a little while. I see him get frustrated when he can’t reach things, so I look forward to seeing him reach for toys without falling and crawl to them. We have some serious baby proofing to do though. C1’s tiny toys are everywhere, just waiting to end up in his throat. Gah!

So, this post really highlights the shit that comes with new babies, huh? I’m sleep deprived, covered in puke and constantly moving, trying to figure out how to entertain my 4-year-old while feeding my baby, or make my baby happy while trying to make dinner, unable to stop moming until my husband comes home from work or they’re both asleep at 9pm. And then I grab my glass of wine and high five myself for another day survived. Whew. Yay me!

A poor mom’s bumbo seat. Don’t judge.
A happy little gentleman

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