Rejoice! We’ve moved the baby out of our bedroom! He’s 8 months old and sleeping through the night. Mostly. We had to give up our office, which is now crammed into our too-small bedroom, but the benefits outweigh the headaches:

1) I will now get more and better sleep. I still wake up a few times a night to check on him. He’ll become half awake and start “singing” (his soothing noise) and although he falls back asleep on his own, I still gotta go make sure he’s OK and covered with his blanket. So, I don’t sleep through the night yet, but that time will come. (Maybe. Maybe not. I’m a sleep flunky.) Now we just gotta work on the 4.5-year-old not coming into our room at night and asking for a hug.

2) Our relationship has been put on hold, basically, up til now. You try making time and energy for romance with a baby 2 feet from your bed. Not happening. So now he’s in his own room, and while I am currently making sleep a priority, I do have plans for making other activities happen soon. (Ewwwww… I know.) Kudos to my awesome hubs for being so patient (and also tired.)

Of course, now that we’ve reorganized the rooms, which involved quite a bit of sweat and effort on DH’s part, I am looking around at our tiny rental house we can barely afford, crammed with toys and baby stuff, and I want out. I never wanted to live here this long (2.5 years now. The roof leaks for crying out loud!) All I see around me is an increasingly unaffordable city, whether you rent or buy. I don’t know where we would want to live outside of Los Angeles, but my desire for a house of our own is only growing, and this city squashes home-ownership dreams like a bug. At this rate, even if I got a better paying job and got us back to our pre-approved $500-550K home loan quote, the only city we could afford a house is Tujunga. (Meh. It’s doable, but meh.) Our valley dreams would have to involve a condo or townhome. I’m open to that, especially if it’s spacious and has cool amenities like a pool or gym, but DH is not. He’s really stuck on the back yard thing. But me, I just want to start investing in something. Rent will continue to go up. And ownership is going to be the smart choice long-term.

I’ve been reading real estate sites and came across an article that recommends knowing exactly what you want — and what you need. So here we go:

What I absolutely need in my next home:

  • 3 bedroom, 2 bathrooms. I’m done with sharing one bathroom. The twice a year stomach bug we all catch is reason enough.
  • Near good schools. The LA school system is complicated when your assigned public school is not rated well, and you want better for your kids. I want out of this headache.
  • Central air/heat. This is CA and if we’re still in the valley, it is hot as hell in the summer. I don’t need a pool, but I need to feel comfortable in my house.
  • Mostly updated appliances, features, and structures. I don’t want a fixer upper. I can repaint and replace a crappy stove, but I don’t want to tear down walls, replace floors or anything to do with plumbing.
  • A quiet street. No high traffic, no freeway noise. The only annoying neighborhood noise I will accept is dog barks, leaf blowers and helicopters hovering (because they’re everywhere.)

What I would absolutely love in my next home:

  • A big backyard. For playing, for entertaining, for our future dog to go poop.
  • An open concept.
  • Storage. We have too much stuff.
  • Hardwood floors.
  • Laundry room.

See? I’m not so complicated. A girl just wants room for her family to grow in a nice neighborhood in CA. Is that too much to ask? (Yes, I know. Don’t tell me.)

Get me out of here.

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